make someone laugh

make someone laugh

nasmijati nekoga

English-Croatian dictionary. 2013.

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  • don't make me laugh — (informal) An expression of scornful disbelief • • • Main Entry: ↑laugh * * * don’t make me laugh spoken phrase used for telling someone that you disagree with them or think that what they said is not possible or true She said she made this… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Don't make me laugh. — informal something that you say when someone has suggested something that you think is not at all likely to happen. You never know, Pete might help out. Pete? Help out? Don t make me laugh! …   New idioms dictionary

  • don't make me laugh — spoken used for telling someone that you disagree with them or think that what they said is not possible or true She said she made this herself? Don t make me laugh! …   English dictionary

  • laugh — laugh1 W2S2 [la:f US læf] v [: Old English; Origin: hliehhan] 1.) to make sounds with your voice, usually while you are smiling, because you think something is funny ▪ Maria looked at him and laughed. laugh at/about ▪ I didn t know what I was… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • laugh — laugh1 [ læf ] verb intransitive *** 1. ) to make the noise with your voice that shows you think something is funny: We talked and laughed late into the night. laugh at: The audience didn t laugh at his jokes. laugh about: They were still… …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • laugh — 1 verb 1 MAKE SOUND (I) to make the sounds and movements of the face that people make when they think something is funny: Jonathan kept pulling funny faces at me, and I couldn t stop laughing. (+ at/about): I couldn t understand why they were all …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • laugh — I UK [lɑːf] / US [læf] verb [intransitive] Word forms laugh : present tense I/you/we/they laugh he/she/it laughs present participle laughing past tense laughed past participle laughed *** Other ways of saying laugh: giggle to laugh in a nervous… …   English dictionary

  • laugh — [[t]lɑ͟ːf, læ̱f[/t]] ♦ laughs, laughing, laughed 1) VERB When you laugh, you make a sound with your throat while smiling and show that you are happy or amused. People also sometimes laugh when they feel nervous or are being unfriendly. He was… …   English dictionary

  • make — 1 verb past tense and past participle made, PRODUCE STH 1 (T) to produce something by working: I m going to make a cake for Sam s birthday. | Did you make that dress yourself? | a car made in Japan | They re making a documentary about the Civil… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • make a face at someone — make a face (at (someone/something)) to change the expression on your face to show dislike or get attention. She made a face like she d eaten a lemon. The child was making faces, and I wanted to laugh …   New idioms dictionary

  • break someone up — break (someone) up to make someone laugh or cry. He was the kind of comedian who broke up an audience with perfect accents and extremely funny impressions. Both of their parents died in that car crash, and it breaks me up just to think about it …   New idioms dictionary

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